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The Face Plumper

This nourishing face oil leaves skin moisturized, plump and supple. Drawing influence from the blue-colored Moroccan city of Chefchaouen, hand-picked Moroccan blue tansy flowers cushion and comfort dry skin. White camilla squalene and osmanthus blossoms replenish nutrients and fill lines and wrinkles in just a few drops — aromatically enveloping the skin into velvet-like softness. Maroc D’Azur’s lusciously cooling scent encourages inner happiness, pleasure and contentment.

  • Dispense 3 drops of ELIXIR OUD on to palm after cleansing ritual.
  • Warm between hands and massage on damp skin to help absorb all the nutrients.
  • Cup hands over nose, and take 5 full breaths.
  • Can be layered after serums, and before creams, day and night.


Freshly sweet, champagne floral, over luscious peach and cooling wood


The comforting, soothing blue-colored city of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Milleo Ingredients


Anti-Aging Complex:

Oud Resin repairs every sign of aging and regenerates healthy, resilient skin tissue that's protected from sun damage, free radicals, and even cancer cells.

Rose Flower, Jasmine Blossom, and Sandalwood, a pure and powerful trio that brightens, firms, and fortifies.

Cactus Pear and Ambrette Seed: Plumps wrinkles with 3 times the vitamin E than Argan. Small particle size delivers and circulates Oud deep into the skin.

Nourishing Complex:

White Camellia and Kalahari Melon moisturize, comfort, and nourish skin while respecting pores. Prevents dehydration with botanical squalene.

Blue Tansy and Blue Yarrow Flowers replenishes and revitalizes, unveiling younger skin to surface. Protects against inflammation and harsh environmental effects.

Plumping Complex:

Osmanthus Blossom boosts the production of collagen l proteins, while neutralizing collagen breakdown (anti-glycation).

Blue Cypress Wood and Bourbon Geranium Flower strengthens and tightens the elasticity of the skin while fading skin discolorations.

Full Ingredients

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4.9 stars
from 14 review

Louane F.

New Jersey

Not the very next best, but the only very best!

Right away from the very first use I noticed a tremendous improvement in my skin’s texture. It shifted from flaky, dry and unconditioned to silky soft, moisturized and dewy skin. Shortly as a few weeks have passed the benififts have only gotten greater. My biggest issue at the time I started using the product was small unpredictable breakouts and in matter of weeks it has minimized to nearly clear skin. This little liquid gold has done more in matter of weeks then the use of 10 products would do in a month. Truly what is most impressive is it’s healing properties, I had gotten my eyebrows waxed and flared out with an allergic reaction which caused my face to look as if I was stung by bees. Right away I washed my face and applied the Mileo. It was instant relief, in matter of seconds it’s magic worked to smooth and calm my face.

Tobias A.

New York, New York

The hardest working luxury skincare product!!

The hardest working luxury skincare product! I love my MILEO elixir!! It is rich hydration but not greasy. My skin is immediately soothed and hydrated. It retains moisture all day even in the harsh dry cold of the New York Winter. My skin has developed a dewy glow and I get regular compliments on the fragrance. I am a big fan!!

Michael W.

New York, New York

My go to, must have face product.

Using MAROC D'AZUR really feels like getting a daily facial. My skin has never glowed like it does since I started using Mathew's product. I honestly just love putting it on in the morning. It feels completely luxurious to me.

Kerns .


An oudication for the skin.

My skin immediately soaks up the light bodied yet rich oud serum. The fragrance is strong upon application but quickly dissipates to a light and floral aroma that feels luxurious but casual enough for daily/twice daily use. I crave it when I forget to apply it (night or day) and often receive compliments from strangers at work commenting on how supple and vibrant my skin looks. I tell them it is the combination of a whole food vegan diet and the exclusive and high quality ingredients in MILEO OUD.

Tonya J.

Long Beach, New York

Delicious nourishment for the skin!

I love it! I love the smell and the way it feels on my skin. It's not greasy and gives me an even tone. I have certainly seen a difference in the appearance and tone of my skin.

Elaine J.

Canandaigua, New York

My skin feels nourished, caressed and young.

My skin feels so alive and smooth.

Illona L.

La Quinta , California

Delicious and soothing

I look forward to applying the oil to my skin every morning. I love it.

Karen Y.


Face oils with top-shelf quality unique ingredients.

Beautifully and intensely aromatic, Mileo skin care oils formulated with pure top-shelf ingredients has set the bar so high that it will be difficult for anyone else to achieve such a masterful blend of pure ingredients that can be best described as barring no expense to deliver a premium quality product all while taking skin care benefits of each into account. When reading ingredient labels it is incredibly refreshing to not see the same old tired oils and isolates such as geraniol, citral, and linalool.

Steven M.

Endicott New ,York

Mileo is a futuristic treatment never before experienced, fully natural and hand crafted.

Short term results are much softer skin and overall glow. I really love inhaling the fragrance, it's calming yet energizing.

Jill C.

New York, New York

Non-stop compliments on my skin!

Here's what I said after 5 stars: Beautiful product functionally and visually... it transformed my tired looking skin to a healthier appearance. I seriously could not believe how many people complimented me after using the oil for only a few days!

Anthony P.

Elizabeth, NJ


MILÈO is a beauty genius for creating these 5 star miracle skin products that not only nourish and heal the skin, but also feels fantastic to use! Everyday is like a spa experience in my bathroom. The best part is that it's all the purest and finest botanicals I have ever used. Does not disappoint!

Valerie D.

Hazlet, NJ

I LOVE this!

The scent is intoxicating... my skin feels soft, smooth, and hydrated. My pores are minimized. I love it!

Shayne S.

New York, NY


I LOVE this product!! It is so amazing because it provides immediate, and noticeable results. I let my boyfriend try it, and now he wants to use it every day. You really see how MILÈO helps your skin... it's fabulous!!

Sheena L.


It's so light and almost invisible, make my skin happy.

The fragrance attracted me and is does its light weight nature, which suits my style.

Raves and reviews

"Matthew Milèo found wellness long before the W word became a pervasive part of today’s culture...[this] is the new skincare line for face oil fanatics."

"A truly luxe face treatment ... it not only smells heavenly, but plumps fine lines and soothes your complexion"

"I hadn’t truly fallen in love with one [face oil] in particular until I met Matthew Milèo and his collection of facial oils, or rather, heavenly potions."

"This gorgeous bottle of oil is the most luxurious and experience-worthy beauty product I've ever had the pleasure of using."

"MILÈO combines clean skin care with a sensorial experience."

"The most beautiful face oil you've ever seen."

"It's so pretty, you won't want to use it — but you should."

"MILÈO's Amber Fort Oil is a skin recharger"

"MILÈO captures the essence of dreamy destinations with a new collection of organic oils"

"Worthy of signature scent status, this botanical face oil lights you up in more ways than one."


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